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Kiln Roasted Salmon Sides Basted with Rum

Using our very own secret recipe and marinade this fish is hot smoked and finished with a Rum glaze not too strong just a very interesting flavour and aroma.

Kiln Roasted Salmon Sides

The very best of Scottish Farmed Salmon produced to the highest standards.

Honey Roast Salmon Sides

The very best of Scottish farmed Salmon produced to the very highest of standards.

Wild Scottish Haddock Fish Pie

Made with the very best of Scottish Haddock Fillet skinless and boneless. Please note this is for two fish pies.

Kiln Roasted Salmon Fillets

The finest of Scottish farmed Salmon.

Wild Scottish Haddock Fish Cakes

Made with a blend of smoked and unsmoked haddock fillets and coated in orange breadcrumbs.

Honey Roast Salmon Fillets

Ready to eat hot or cold. The Creme de la Creme of Honey Roast Salmon.

Hot Smoked Wild Mackerel Fillets with Crushed Black Peppercorns

Skillfully hand filleted and smoked to the highest of standards.

Hot Smoked Wild Mackerel Fillets

Skin on and smoked with oak chips to the same high standards as our other fish.

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